Let us show you how SLBI Foresight can kick-start your project to a successful outcome.

Perhaps you’ve been through a Digital Transformation or ERP project before – if so, you recognize their potential benefits. You also know just how hard they are. And, if you've not been through one, recognize that these projects require many elements to fall into place in order to succeed. In either case, a realistic, comprehensive assessment of the conditions impacting your project is vital to a successful outcome. Most companies don't take the time to do it. They should. It's called SLBI Foresight.

Experience Matters. We Put it to Work for You.

We’ve been involved in most all facets of complex ERP and other Digital Transformation projects over many years, from all angles – technical and organizational. We’re very clear about why projects succeed – and how to leverage that for you. We’ve also been introduced into failing projects, further bolstering our knowledge of how to steer you clear of the hazards that commonly throw these projects into disarray.

So, we developed the SLBI Foresight process to quickly assess the readiness of your organization for whatever type of Digital Transformation journey may lie ahead, leveraging our experience and learnings. It’s designed to ensure that the executive team is aligned and aware of what the pending project will entail, and how to manage towards its success from very early on.

Introduction to SLBI Foresight by Bob Green, Lead Partner, SL Business Informatics

How does SLBI Foresight Work?

Through insightful dialog with your leadership and analytical sessions with your process experts, we assess your pre-project condition from the many technical, environmental and behavioral angles that will impact your project’s success.

Then we deliver a SLBI Success Assesment Report and SLBI Risk Assessment for executive review and sign-off, before the planned project begins.

These deliverables rationalize and clarify the business case for what’s to be accomplished, affirm the scope of the transformation sought, and identify other key project success parameters.

This doesn’t take forever, either. The SLBI Foresight engagement can be completed in less than 90 days. In fact, one client called this an "ERP Masters Degree in just 2 months".

You just need to be willing to open up to our team, commit your resources to the work, be realistic and ready for the truth.

Then, we’ll gladly dive in.

How Ready are You?

If you’re in a position of sponsoring or leading an upcoming ERP or Digital Transformation project, you may have some consternation about your organization’s likelihood of success with it. These projects impact people, processes, leadership, customers, constituents of all sorts and bring about risks and a healthy amount of change.

We’d like to offer you our SLBI Readiness Self-Assessment questionnaire for you to utilize as you contemplate your project’s future. We’re eager to discuss your responses with you, anytime. It’s not a substitute for the SLBI Foresight – but it gets you thinking about what matters most.

Working with SLBI

We want your project to succeed. Working together as your advocate from the onset will help you reach your project goals more assuredly.

Our team’s collective experience extends your project team to ensure you’re putting your best resources on the table to tackle the project ahead. We’ve been in hands-on roles in ERP and other software implementations, and have executed change management, data strategy and project leadership. We’ve also held positions in public accounting, corporate finance, IT governance, IT management, digital data and analytics, and operations – among others.

We are guided by a number of key principles and attributes, too:


Methodologically Sound.

We’ve developed competent, proven methodologies for the work we perform. Our consultants follow processes to deliver meaningful and architected results that are within the parameters of the scopes we commit to.


Bullseye on User Adoption.

SLBI Foresight is designed with the end in mind. That "end" envisions achievement of your project's technical goals and stated business objectives. Both are vital to success. Once achieved, you have reached the ultimate goal: "adoption".


Objectivity: We Don’t Sell or Implement Software – We Advise.

We focus on delivering relevant insights about your project. We’re less concerned with convincing you to buy the latest “hot” technology that probably isn’t ready for prime-time, anyway. And, unlike some other consultants, we don’t collect referral fees secretly behind your back while saying we are “independent”.


No Long-Term Consulting Commitment.

The SLBI Foresight deliverables are foundational and (of course) foresightful. If you want to leverage them with your internal team, we understand that’s an option. We also can stay on as advisors to provide turnkey guidance from any number of our skillsets and existing SLBI Methodologies. Either way, you win when you start the right way.

Considering SLBI Foresight?

We’re ready to help. We’ve got the team to help you envision and hit the finish line.
Contact our Lead Partner, Bob Green, CPA.CITP, CGMA to start the dialog:

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